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Training Courses

Do you need help planning an experimental test program, selecting a suitable material model, calibrating the material model, or understanding what accuracy to expect of your FE model? Here at PolymerFEM we have spent the last 20 years figuring out how to quickly and accurately solve these problems, and in our training courses we will teach you how!

Dr. Bergstrom has taught close to 100 courses to different companies and organizations, and in the past these were all given live. We are now working on updating the training materials and making the new content available through our online school. The links below will take you to our school and course selection. Start by signing up for our FREE Introduction to MCalibration course. Then explore our other more advanced classes as they become available later this year. Note that to take a class you will need to create a free account in our school.


Our school home page

This free class will teach you how to quickly calibrate accurate material models!

Here is alist of availible courses in our school.