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Thread: Formula to obtain engineering stress for Elastomers

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    Formula to obtain engineering stress for Elastomers

    So, After uniaxial tests We all use the conventional formulas to obtain engineering stress and strain:

    But my advisor told me of a different formula to calculate engineerig stress for elastomers due to the fact that the response is not linear anymore.. He mentioned it but I am not able to find it anywhere.. It may be something like this:

    Any reference or someone please correct me?

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    Your first equation should be: strain = (L - L0) / L0

    There may be different ways to calculate the engineering stress and strain. What type of experimental data do you have (uniaxial, torsion, shear?)

    Jorgen Bergstrom, Ph.D.
    PolymerFEM Administrator

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    Excellent post I must say.. Simple but yet entertaining and engaging..

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