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PolyUMod with Abaqus/Standard: Make Your FE Simulation Faster

PolyUMod with Abaqus/Standard

To make an Abaqus/Standard FE simulation run faster when you are using  PolyUMod with Abaqus/Standard, it is often beneficial to allow Abaqus to take more than the default number attempts per increment when it searches for equilibrium. This is easy to achieve by adding the following 2 lines to your inp-file just below the *STATIC or *VISCO commands:

					*Controls, parameter=time incrementation
8, 16, 9, 50, 40, 30

These parameters can also be set in Abaqus/CAE by using the “Step Module” and the “General Solution Controls” menu item, see the following figures.

Note that changing these control parameters does not change the calculated stresses or strain at all. It only changes how Abaqus performs its internal equilibrium iterations.


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