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PolyUMod Installation for MSC.Marc

In this tutorial you will learn to:

PolyUMod is a licensed set of advanced user-material models delivered as a custom executable of MSC.Marc. Running a MSC.Marc FE model using a PolyUMod material model therefore requires both the PolyUMod license and the PolyUMod-Marc executable. This is normally configured as part of the PolymerFEM software installation. This document demonstrates how to verify that configuration.

1. Check that the License Server is Running

Confirm that the PolyUMod license server is running by opening the license server website,  e.g. if the license is served on a computer with the IP address, or https://localhost:5054 if served locally.

For more info also check the the license server user’s manual, and our tutorial on the license server.

2. Check the License Environment Variable

Confirm that the RLM_LICENSE environment variable points to the license server. The variable should have a value like: 5053@localhost, where you need to replace localhost with the host name of the license server.

3. Setup Local Files

  • Copy Marc_PolyUMod.exe from \PolyUMod\PolyUMod_Marc into the current working directory.
  • Generate an input text file of the model following the tutorial document Using PolyUMod in MSC Marc and Mentat.pdf
  • Write a short-bat file using any note editors with the following commands:
					@echo off
echo ** Run MARC
CALL "C:\Program Files\MSC.Software\Marc\2020.0.0\marc2020\tools\run_marc.bat" ^
	-jid Test_3D_dogbone.dat ^
	-back no ^
	-prog "C:\Program Files\PolymerFEM\PolyUMod\PolyUMod_MSC_Marc\Marc_PolyUMod"
echo ** Done
  • Run the simulation by double-clicking on the created bat-file.

Note that you can also try the test case that comes with PolyUMod. Simply copy the directory C:\Program Files\PolymerFEM\PolyUMod\PolyUMod_MSC_Marc\Marc_PolyUMod to a your home directory. Change to that directory, and double-click on the Test_3D_dogbone_RUN.bat file.