PolyUMod Installation for Abaqus

In this tutorial you will learn to:

  • Troubleshot and finalize a PolyUMod for Abaqus installation

In order for Abaqus to find the PolyUMod library you need to set the usub_lib_dir variable in the Abaqus environment file called abaqus_v6.env. Abaqus searches for this file in 3 locations: the current working directory, the home directory of the computer user, and an Abaqus install directory. More information about the environment file is available in the Abaqus documentation Section 3.3.1.

Here is the recommended code for the abaqus_v6.env file:

# PolyUMod additions
if True:
import os
file = []
files = os.listdir(os.getcwd())
match = 0
for file in files:
if file.find('libexplicitU.so') > -1: match = 1
if file.find('libexplicitU-D.so') > -1: match = 1
if file.find('libstandardU.so') > -1: match = 1
if match == 0:
if '2018' in os.environ['ABA_COMMAND']:
usub_lib_dir = '/opt/Veryst/PolyUMod_Abaqus_2018'
elif '2019' in os.environ['ABA_COMMAND']:
usub_lib_dir = '/opt/Veryst/PolyUMod_Abaqus_2019'
elif '2020' in os.environ['ABA_COMMAND']:
usub_lib_dir = '/opt/Veryst/PolyUMod_Abaqus_2020'
print '***Error: Unknown version of Abaqus. PolyUMod not activated.'
usub_lib_dir = os.getcwd()
print '** usub_lib_dir = ' + usub_lib_dir
print '** veryst_LICENSE = ' + os.environ['veryst_LICENSE']
del files, file, match, os