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Chapter 6: Linear Viscoelasticity


6.1 Introduction
6.2 Stall Strain Linear Viscoelasticity
6.3 Large Strain Linear Viscoelasticity
6.4 Creep Compliance Behavior
6.5 Differential Form of Linear Viscoelasticity
6.6 The Use of Shift Functions to Generalize Linear Viscoelasticity Theory
6.7 The Use of Linear Viscoelasticity in Polymer Modleing
6.8 Exercises

Code Examples

Errors in the Text

  • Page 310, Section 6.2, last paragraph: “The approach is to perform a though experiment”. It should be “thought experiment”.
  • Section 6.3 (Large Strain Linear Viscoelasticity) is missing a push-forward operator. The results slightly wrong a very large strains without this correction.
  • Equation (6.99) contains the equilibrium term \(E_0\) which is not shown in Figure 6.13.

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