Chapter 5: Elasticity / Hyperelasticity


5.1 Introduction
5.2 Linear Elasticity
5.3 Isotropic Hyperelasticity
5.4 Summary of Predictive Capabilities of Isotropic Hyperelastaic Model
5.5 Anisotropic Hyperelasticity
5.6 Hyperelastic Foam Models
5.7 Mullins Effect Models
5.8 Use of Hyperelasticity in Polymer Modeling
5.9 Hyperelastic Code Examples
5.10 Exercises

Errors in the text

  • Page 222, Equation 5.40: The first term on the right-hand side should start with 2/J, note J/2 as written.
  • Page 223, Equation 5.44: The second term on the right-hand side should contain \(\lambda^4\), not \( \lambda^2 \) as written.
  • Page 224, Equation 5.55: Most of the time this equation is less useful than directly applying Equation 5.52.

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