Chapter 4: Continuum Mechanics Foundations


4.1 Introduction
4.2 Classical Definitions of Stress and Strain
4.3 Large Strain Kinematics
4.4 Vector and Tensor Algebra
4.5 Deformation Gradient
4.6 Strain, Stretch and Rotation
4.7 Rates of Deformation
4.8 Stress Tensors
4.9 Balance Laws and Field Equations
4.10 Energy Balance and Stress Power
4.11 Constitutive Equations
4.12 Observer Transformation
4.13 Material Symmetry
4.14 List of Symbols
4.15 Exercises

Errors in the text

  • Page 145 in the formula 4.28 the indices “k” and “j” are mixed up.

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