Polymer Mechanics Book

by Jorgen Bergstrom, Ph.D.

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Professional polymer engineers. Advanced undergraduate and graduate students in mechanical engineering, materials science, and bioengineering. You can ask any question about the book on the forums page.


Mechanics of Solid Polymers provides a modern view of how solid polymers behave, how they can be experimentally characterized, and how to predict their behavior in different load environments.


I wrote the Mechanics of Solid Polymers book to show that with the right knowledge and tools it is now possible to accurately predict the response of ALL polymers.

Book Chapters

  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Experimental Characterization Techniques
  3. Finite Element Analysis as an Engineering Tool
  4. Continuum Mechanics Foundations
  5. Elasticity / Hyperelasticity
  6. Linear Viscoelasticity
  7. Plasticity Models
  8. Viscoplasticity Models
  9. Determination of Material Parameters from Experimental Data
  10. User Material Subroutines
  11. Material Modeling of Different Materials


The Mechanics of Solid Polymers book is available in almost all online book stores, including Amazon.