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Plot Stress-Strain from Ansys Commands using MCalibration


In this article I will show how you can quickly convert any Ansys material model (in APDL format) into stress-strain predictions using MCalibration. That is, I will show how you can plot stress-strain from Ansys commands using MCalibration.

Plot Stress-Strain from Ansys Commands

I often receive Ansys dat-files that contain fully defined material models, but I don’t always know what the stress-strain response is for the material models. In a case like this you can always just copy the material model commands into another single FE element dat-file, and then run that simulation using Ansys. Once the simulation has completed you can then plot the resulting stress-strain response for the material model. This works, but it is cumbersome and slow. A better approach is to use MCalibration.

Here are the steps:


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