Plot PolyUMod State Variables in ANSYS

In this tutorial you will learn to:

  • Plot PolyUMod state variables in ANSYS Workbench.


First create the material model in MCalibration, then export the material model to ANSYS APDL format. The following movie shows two ways to export a MCalibration material model to ANSYS Workbench.

Ansys Workbench

Then create the FE model in Ansys Workbench. Read in the MCalibration file as a Command under Geometry → Solid.
Make sure the state variables are saved by adding the command: OUTRES, SVAR, ALL

After the simulation has finished running you can plot any of the standard results. To plot one of the PolyUMod state variables you need to add a User Defined Result. The following screenshot shows how to add SVAR2, which is the effective viscoplastic strain magnitude for many of the PolyUMod material models. Note that the definition of all PolyUMod state variables are listed in the PolyUMod User’s Manual (typically located here: “C:\Program Files\PolymerFEM\PolyUMod\Documentation\PolyUMod_Manual.pdf”).

The results from plotting the state variable are shown in the following figure.

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