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power-law creep

power-law creep Hello, I use power-law creep model in Abaqus, but it is in viscos step in Abaqus/Standard, if I want to use remeshing technique, whet...

15 years ago
Using Commands in black screen Abaqus Command

Using Commands in black screen Abaqus Command hello, the way is to use the command abaqus job=... oldjob=..., This command is executed in black scr...

16 years ago

Dear Jogen: I use Abaqus/standard, and mesh to mesh map solution technique. 1. Because the mesh has large distortion and I need remesh it , then make ...

16 years ago

Thanks for your reply, Mr. Bergstrom! A key problem for me is how to transfer the results of stress field from old mesh to new mesh in order to contin...

16 years ago
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