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Material Model for Hytrel 5526

Introduction - Material Model for Hytrel

Here is a calibrated material model for a DuPont Hytrel 5526 thermoplastic polyester elastomer. This grade of Hytrel has a shore D hardness (durometer) of 55 when tested at room temperature.

The DuPont data sheet lists the following values:

  • Tensile modulus: 190 MPa
  • Yield stress: 14 MPa
  • Yield strain: 37%

The DuPont provided values are consistent with the material model predictions, at a slow strain rate. The provided material model contains much more info as it also captures the strain-rate dependence of the yield stress (flow resistance).

To use this material model you will need to first install the MCalibration software, and then export the model to your favorite FE software. The calibrated material model is the PolyUMod Three Network (TN) model.


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Extended Tube Model in Ansys Mechanical

The Extended Tube model is one of the most accurate hyperelastic material models available, but it can be difficult to use if you don’t understand how the material parameters influence the predicted stress-strain response. This article will demonstrate that by example.

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  1. Hi Jurgen the post talk about Hytrel 5526 but when I try to get the model the link goes to a PET model. Can you share the right file please?

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