How to Check the License Server Status

In this tutorial you will learn how to:


The MCalibration software is typically using a node-locked license, and the PolyUMod library is typically using a floating license. The following sections will show two easy ways to determine what license types are used and when the license expires. 

Method 1: Examine the License File

On a Windows computer the license files are typically located in the folder:  C:\Program Files\Veryst Engineering\License\

On a Linux computer the file files are typically located in the folder: /opt/Veryst/License.

The node-locked MCalibration license file is called licenseMCalibration.lic.  The license file can be opened with a text editor  (for example, Notepad++) and typically contains one LICENSE definition.  The word uncounted shows that it is a node-locked license. The license expiration date is listed just before the word uncounted.

The floating license file is called license.lic or licenseVeryst.lic. Also this license file can be opened with a text editor, and typically contains multiple LICENSE definitions. Each LICENSE definition has its own expiration date, which is the string right after the text 2015.3.

Note that even though the license files are text files, there very few parts of the license files that can be modified by a user without invalidating the file.

More information about he license file structure is available in the following RLM User’s Manual.

Method 2: Using the License Server Web Interface

The status of a floating license server can be examined using the license server web interface. Open a web browser and go to the address:  http://localhost:5054. Note that you need to replace localhost with the name or IP address of your license server, if it is not running on your current computer. Your web browser should then display the following page.

Click on the Status button in the left column, the window should then look something like the following.

Then click on the veryst button in the Server Status column in the 3rd table.

The browser window then should like similar to the following screenshot.

The bottom table lists the license expiration date, and the status of the license tokens.

Note that if your web browser window look do not contain the information shown above, then your software license has likely expired.

If you have any questions about your license server or license expiration date, then send an email to: