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Update a PolyUMod License using Activation Keys

Introduction PolyUMod License Activation

This tutorial demonstrates how you can update your MCalibration and/or PolyUMod license without running the PolymerFEM installer again. All you need is the activation keys that are emailed to you when you renew your license. The procedure is also shown in the following YouTube movie.

Step 1: Create License Files

The first step is to convert the activation keys that you received to license files. An activation key looks like a credit card number (it consists of 16 digits), a license file is a text file (with the file extension .lic) that contains the actual software license.

You can quickly create the license files by starting MCalibration, and then click on “Create License File from Activation Key…” in the Help menu. See image below.

MCalibration will then show a dialog box in which you should enter one activation key. Note that you may have received 2 activation keys: one for MCalibration, and one for PolyUMod. You should enter one activation key at a time in this dialog box. Then click OK.

The software provides a default file name that indicates the type of license. For example, for MCalibration the suggested file name is “licenseMCalibration.lic” and for PolyUMod the suggested file name is “licensePolyUMod.lic”. Save the created license files anywhere on your hard drive. We will move them to the right locations in the next step.

The repeat this step using your second activation key (if you have 2 activation keys).

Step 2: Copy the License Files to the Proper Locations

After the license files have been created you need to copy them to their proper locations. The MCalibration license file should be copied to: C:\Program Files\PolymerFEM\MCalibration\license.lic

The PolyUMod license file should be copied to C:\Program Files\PolymerFEM\PolyUMod\License\license.lic

Make a backup of the old license files first, and then overwrite the license files with the new license files created in Step 1.

Step 3: Restart the License Server

Most users have a node locked MCalibration license, which does not use a license server. So in this case you do not need to restart the license server.

If you have a PolyUMod license (or if you have a floating network license for MCalibration) then you need to restart the license server in order for the new license to become active. One simple way to do this is to simply restart your computer. If that is impractical then you can restart the license server using the following steps. First open a web browser and go the address: http://localhost:5054

That should show you the license server web interface. Then click “Reread/Restart Servers” in the toolbar on the left, then click on the “REREAD/RESTART” button in the middle of the screen. This will restart the license server.

That is it! You have now installed your new license using the provided license keys. If you have any questions, just send us a message.


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