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Free textbook on hyperelasticity

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  • Free textbook on hyperelasticity

    Hi Dr. Bergstrom and fellow forum readers,

    I wrote a textbook on solid mechanics that can be found in .pdf form here:

    I wanted to post here because this forum is the best online resource that I know of for rubbery materials, and I want to give researchers a free option, which can serve as an introduction to the behavior of rubbery materials.

    The text is a fairly comprehensive treatment of "isotropic elasticity," which includes hyperelasticity and linear elasticity, in both their traditional form and rate-form. In my view, the whole point of modern solid mechanics is to describe the physics behind today's Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, so understanding the theory behind isotropic elasticity should be the minimum prerequisite knowledge to use FEA software like ABAQUS. I also include commentary about FEA implementation than you will not find in other texts on solid mechanics.

    My text also contains some info that has not been published in textbook form at all, namely, some of the "cutting edge" rubber models that are being used. The "hyperelastic" portion of these models, which is what I discuss in detail, is certainly prerequisite knowledge for researchers who want to continue on to study the rate-dependent behavior of their rubber materials (viscoelasticity). Dr. Bergstrom, I think you will find Section 6.2 to be pretty interesting, where I mention MCalibration and PolyUMod, and hopefully do an adequate job of conveying its advantages over the "tabulated" LS-DYNA model that I discuss in detail.

    Dr. Bergstrom, I know that you have a textbook on the way that will undoubtedly become the authority on rubber modeling, but in the meantime I think that this short text is pretty useful as an intro to solid mechanics, with an emphasis on the treatment of rubbery materials.


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    Very Nice!! I congratulate you on your great book.
    It should become a great resource for many students and professionals.

    Thanks for sharing it!
    Jorgen Bergstrom, Ph.D. PolymerFEM Administrator