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Usage/ Validity of Bergstrom Boyce model for an elastomer??

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  • Usage/ Validity of Bergstrom Boyce model for an elastomer??

    Hello all,

    I am trying to calibrate the parameters of Bergstrom-Boyce material model by curve fitting FE results to experimentally determined uni-axial stress strain curves for different loading rates.
    • In the literature where the model is used for elastomers, FE results are always compared to some experiments conducted on pre-stretched samples (after removing the influence of Mullins effect)

    I am interested in simulating the virgin stress strain response (which is load rate dependent) of the material I am studying.
    • So the question is, can the Bergstrom-Boyce model be used to describe the stress strain response of a virgin elastomeric material?

    My attempt to optimize the model parameters with the experimental data is shown below. Although the (stress strain) curve fit looks good, there seems to be a mechanism (a minimum in the derivative curve) that is probably not captured in the simulated results.

    Green curve is from experiments and the grey ones are from simulations for different parameter sets. (Please refer the attached image)
    I have posted the photo as an answer as I always get some error while uploading it in the question

    I would be really glad for any ideas, suggestions and links to other literature sources.

    Please contact me for more info if required.

    Thanks in advance!

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