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Elastomer Rubber material properties - BB model

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  • Elastomer Rubber material properties - BB model

    Hello Dr. Jorgen,

    My elastomer hose has different stress -strain rates in different direction (pic). So i use an anisotropic hyperelastic material in ANSYS workbench. I took uniaxial test data and filled the hose with pressure and took a biaxial test data. My problem is i couldn't use a suitable material model that differentiates these different material properties with respect to directions. I used almost all material models including BB model.

    Pls note. My analysis produces satisfactory results when i apply strain in vertical direction (from which i took uniaxial and biaxial test). My analysis doesn't provide satisfactory result when i apply load in radial direction (as i can compare with experiments).

    Pls help me on this.
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    It should have worked. I have similar things successfully.
    I can think of 3 reasons for your problem:
    • Your experimental data is not accurate.
    • You are not using an anisotropic hyperelastic model that is "good enough". That is, the hyperelastic model cannot capture the right type of anisotropic behavior.
    • You are not calibrating the hyperelastic model quite right.
    It is difficult to say which of these reasons is dominating.

    - Jorgen
    Jorgen Bergstrom, Ph.D. PolymerFEM Administrator