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How to consider Payne Effect in abaqus?

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  • How to consider Payne Effect in abaqus?

    Recently i came across one MSC software seminar, where they explained, the Payne effect consideration for viscoelastic material analysis and its effect on harmonic results. i have attached the image of it,
    Can anyone tell me, how to consider Payne effect in abaqus for vibration analysis?

    Currently i am doing Viscoelastic analysis in Frequency domain with the help of storage and loss modulus test data.

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    The Payne effect is referring to the change in dynamic properties with strain amplitude. You can capture the Payne effect in Abaqus using a simple non-linear viscoelastic material model, such as the BB-model. This, however, only works for time-domain analysis. I'm not sure you can do it in frequency domain.

    Jorgen Bergstrom, Ph.D. PolymerFEM Administrator