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VDISP-quasi-static analysis in ABAQUS Explicit

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  • VDISP-quasi-static analysis in ABAQUS Explicit

    Hello all,

    I use ABAQUS Explicit user subroutine VDISP to simulate pin loading in a tensile test (displacement mode) on a single edge notched plate.

    When I run the simulation, I have noticed that the displacements (that are applied to the top surface) do not propagate to the adjacent elements.

    I have used similar boundary conditions on the same plate using ABAQUS-Standard 'disp' subroutine and I obtain expected results.

    I am certain that VDISP is quite accurate. Is there something about the 'Dynamic explicit' analysis that would cause this kind of error. Does this have to the speed of deformation, or time step.

    thanks in advance for suggestions.


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    It sounds like you are deforming the material so fast that inertial effects become large and the material deformation inhomogeneous...

    Jorgen Bergstrom, Ph.D. PolymerFEM Administrator


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      Thanks for the quick reply.

      So a small time step should probably resolve the problem eh?

      On a related note, how do we know about the inertial effects? I have seen that in .sta file, the % change is mass is of the order of e11. Is that really high?