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BB model implementation in ANSYS

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  • BB model implementation in ANSYS

    I am very much new to the topic of visco-elasticity, especially Non-linear models. I am currently doing my Master Thesis at an organization and found BB model is apt to describe non-linear behavior of my polymer at higher vibration amplitudes.

    I have already calibrated my material for linear visco-elastic model (Prony) and was able to simulate it in ANSYS. I wanted to extend the same to BB-model for a sample shock/impact test in Transient Analysis. As I don't have sufficient experimental inputs to calibrate it for a BB model, I am making some trial runs to prove that BB model works in my case.

    My question: I tried to give sample BB model parameters in ANSYS. What additional parameters should I provide to ANSYS? Do I need to input some hyperelastic/linear viscoelastic data as well?


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    Thanks! I found answer to this question!! I gave command snippet for BB and was able to simulate it in ANSYS.