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BB model in Abaqus\CAE?

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  • BB model in Abaqus\CAE?

    Hello Dr. Jorgen
    I am a new to abaqus and viscoelasticity. I am using Abaqus\CAE. So, i ask some questions you.
    1. Is hysteresis called BB model?
    2. Can i do a dynamic,explicit analysis (nonlinear) by using BB model? Is the BB model useful for this analysis?
    3. I am sharing material data with you, we are using R130A85 series. The material is polyurethane. How can i get true strain - stress data by using this data without doing experimental test? Also i have Mcalibration and PolyUMod. Can i get true strain - stress data by using your software. Thank you for giving a license me.

    Thanks for your response

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    everything is ok. I find answer my questions.