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Simple shear in Mcalibration

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  • Simple shear in Mcalibration

    Hello dr. Bergstrom,
    I have a question about calibrating material models based on simple shear test data of rubber. I'm aware that simple shear is not that simple, meaning normal stresses appear as well.
    When I use the Abaqus standard (Poly) solver the predicted data is the same as Abaqus results LE12 and S12. When I use the Mcalibration solver I get a different set of prediction data that I cannot obtain from an Abaqus analysis with the same material parameters.
    Is it possible at all to compare experimental and numerical results from simple shear like it is the case with tension and compression?

    Thank you very much in advance

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    Hello Elastomerica,

    Hmm. I am not quite sure I follow your question. One of the standard MCalibration test cases (that is installed automatically when you install MCalibration) located here (on a Windows computer):
    C:\Program Files\PolyUMod\MCalibration_Test_Cases_2\example_B B_22.mcal

    was designed to specifically to check that the simple shear test case works properly.

    I just ran this test case again and I get the same results using MCalibration as the solver as when I use Abaqus as the solver.
    Can you explain more what you are seeing?

    Jorgen Bergstrom, Ph.D. PolymerFEM Administrator


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      Thank you for the quick reply!
      I have checked the example_22 and I see everything is ok. But when I increase the strain the results differ again.

      Maybe I'm missing something but I just can't put my finger on it.

      Thank you again in advance


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        Dear Dr. Jorgen

        Could you please send me the simple shear example_BB_22 that you mentioned? I recently downloaded the MCalibration software v5.1.2 and I did not find the folder 'MCalibration_Test_Cases_2'.

        I also have a question about calibrating a model from simple shear test data of a rubber (please find attached the test data). When I use any of the supported material models in MCalibration, I get the following error :

        Error: dt < dtMin
        Load case 1 ('SIMPLESHEAR') finished: final stress=20731
        Error: Could not calculate the fitness value.

        I tried to manually modify the time increment sizes but I still have this error.
        How can I solve this problem?

        Thank you very much



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          We don't distribute that file anymore - but I'm happy to help anyway!

          Can you upload the mcal-file that did not run properly?

          Jorgen Bergstrom, Ph.D. PolymerFEM Administrator