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Calibration with uniaxial tension and compression

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  • Calibration with uniaxial tension and compression

    I am a little uncertain right now which model to choose, as I have good results with Mooney-Rivlin, but the FEA model will not converge with this material. I have modeled with Arruda-Boyce and it seems to converge and the results are realistic compared to live results. I am aware that Ogden requires more data input, but even this seems to be realistic in its behaviour, although a little stiffer than Arruda-Boyce. My question is this; Is it possible to model a material with uniaxial tension results and compression results and get a fairly accurate model? Which dio I in general use for a material with a EAB ~200-250% and TS of ~30 MPa ? This is for an HNBR material...

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    Yes. I often calibrate and use a hyperelastic material model that has been calibrated using only uniaxial tension and compression data. If you stick with a hyperelastic model that is only dependent on the first invariant (e.g. the Arruda-Boyce model) then that is not a problem.

    Jorgen Bergstrom, Ph.D. PolymerFEM Administrator