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Calibration of prony coefficients based on DMA measurement

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  • Calibration of prony coefficients based on DMA measurement

    Hello everyone,

    first of all thank you for the excellent support regarding the MCalibration Software.

    I am currently trying to fit prony coefficients for a linear viscoelastic material which was measured via DMA. My experimental data are shown in the attached file. I got this data for every temperature step (in steps of 5K). However I got one value recommended in MCalibration (E', E'', strain, stress) for each temperature at each cycling frequency.

    In the load case setup in MCalibration I need to configure "Number of Cycles" and "Number of Data Points / Cycle" (see the second attached file). In my opinion both of these numbers are 1 in my case. The minimum possible Number of Data Points per cycle is 20. With this configuration MCalibration is not able to fit the prony coefficients. Can anybody tell me how I have to implement a DMA like mine or how I have to set both Numbers?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Best regards