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Fortran subroutine for ABAQUS V6.6

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  • Fortran subroutine for ABAQUS V6.6


    I plan to run fortran subroutine for ABAQUS V6.6, anyone can tell me what are the highest versions for following two softwares which are compatible with ABAQUS V6.6?

    (1) Intel Fortran Compiler
    (2) MS Visual Studio

    I am running ABAQUS V6.5, and I can not use latest versions of above softwares. So now for ABAQUS V6.6, maybe newer versions are supported?

    Thanks for your reply.


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    As far as I know, Intel Fortran 9.1 is compatible and so is Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6

    Just out of curiosity, which school are you in ?



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      So Intel fortran compiler v9.1 work with MS visual studio 2005?

      I found IFC V8.1 does only works with up to MVS 2002 when I use ABAQUS V6.5.

      BTW, I am in Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor.


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        Visual C++ Express 2005 and Intel Fortran 9.1 works for many people in here. Though I use Compaq Visual Fortran 6 (I didnt wanna purchase Intel Fortran). You might find this page helpful.



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          For ABAQUS V6.4, I used Compaq Visual Fortran (CVF) V6.6 without problem.

          For ABAQUS V6.5, I also installed CVF V6.6 but always failed to pass the subroutine check after installation. The problem finally not solved. Also, in ABAQUS V6.4 document, it is 'officially' stated that "CVF is not recommended for ABAQUS V6.5 since it is not officially tested". So, finally I gave up CVF V6.6

          Now for ABAQUS V6.6, was CVF V6.6 officially tested and recommended by ABAQUS? I prefer CVF over Intel compiler since CVF is simpler for installation.

          BTW, thank you very much for providing the valuable link.


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            1. Where from do you give the user subroutine command?
            2. What is the error message you get ?

            I myself use CVF 6.6 with ABAQUS 6.5 without any problem. So I think there is no doubt about compatibility here.

            Also I would recommend you to check whether your school has ABAQUS support or not. You can do this through MyAbaqus. If it does, they will take care of all installation problems. Further, you can find some quick answers there itself. Also this topic has been discussed before on this forum. Have a look at those postings as well. They might be helpful.