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Problem With Modelling Reinforced Concrete Beam Under Blast Load - ABAQUS

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  • Problem With Modelling Reinforced Concrete Beam Under Blast Load - ABAQUS

    Dear all,
    I am trying to model an experiment using ABAQUS which consists of a reinforced concrete I-beam which has been subjected to blast load. The explosive material is 110 kg TNT. I have modeled the blast load using the CONWEP incident wave feature of ABAQUS, and used Explicit solver with a 5e-3 seconds step time. Also the concrete is modeled using Concrete Damage Plasticity model. After running the analysis, I noticed that the explosion caused localized damage in the upper flange of the concrete I-beam, but THE BEAM DOESN'T SHOW ANY DEFLECTIONS, and the kinetic energy is almost 100 times lower than the expected value! In other words, the beam doesn't respond rapid enough to the loading.
    Any help in this regard would highly be appreciated.
    Best Regards
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    I suspect that your time increment size is too large. Also, check that you have specified the density of the concrete using correct units and a correct value.

    Jorgen Bergstrom, Ph.D. PolymerFEM Administrator


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      Dear Dr. Bergstrom
      Thank you very much for your reply, It is really great to hear back from you . Actually my time increments are 5e-8 sec, that I think might be small enough. Also the mass reported by ABAQUS for my beam is same as the experimental data. Interestingly it doesn't matter how much pressure I apply to my beam, It still doesn't deflect in the 5e-3 time period, but if I add another step after the blast (say with a 1e-2 sec total time), the beam shows an extremely rapid deflection. In both cases, my kinematic energy is way below the expected value. I would really appreciate your kind guidance Dr. Bergstrom.
      Many thanks again