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Element failure or numerical error in user material in Abaqus explicit

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  • Element failure or numerical error in user material in Abaqus explicit

    Dear all,

    Iím working on a simulation of an impact test according to ASTM D 3763. For this test I calibrated a material model (Three Network model) and want to do the simulation axisymmetric. I have checked multiple times all input parameters but every time I submit the simulation this error occurs. And I think there is something wrong with the user material.

    If I perform the simulation in 3D it works just fine but takes a long time to solve. Has anyone experience with the use of the TN- model in a axisymmetric explicit simulation ? Any tips or advice would be very helpful
    Full error: Element failure or a numerical error occured in the user material model.

    Best regards,


  • koen
    Dear Jorgen,

    Thank you for your response!

    Indeed, I have seen some examples of where you demonstrate the models using a axisymmetric model.
    I will send the file shortly, after Iím able to test it once more and check everything again (currently all licenses are in use, and we have updated PolyUMod and MCalibration)

    Kind regards,


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  • Jorgen
    I have used the TN model in explicit axisymmetric models many times. I have not seen the any issues.
    Can you attach the FE model that you are trying to run? Or a simplified example if the file is very large?


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