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simulation of contact in polymer gears

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  • simulation of contact in polymer gears

    Hi guys,
    I am attempting to simulate the contact stress in a Steel-polymer gear pair. The problem is, I am unable to ensure proper contact between the mating surfaces. I am using ABAQUS/standard. since it is a static simulation, without contact, I am getting the error "SEVERE OVERCLOSURES EXIST. CONVERGENCE UNLIKELY". Whenever I try to create manual contact, one surface penetrate the other. Could anyone tell me if it is correct to do the analysis when there is a penetration of surfaces? are the results reliable? Also is there any way to establish contact without manually adjusting the surfaces? I am stuck with this problem for a while, and any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Are you still working on this problem? I don't completely understand your problem statement because it states the simulation is 'without contact' but then that contact is imposed.

    Surface penetration often occurs and introduces (hopefully small) error. Certainly, if you have entire elements penetrating a surface, you have most likely lost contact entirely in that element. If it is a local contact failure, even that may be acceptable. Ultimately, you have to decide how much error is too much for your application.

    Abaqus' contact solver should pick up contact as surfaces approach one another; however, large steps/increments can cause surfaces to completely pass one another without initiating contact. You need to ensure any step sizes are small enough to resolve this problem, and this can significantly increase computation time.

    If you have not already, read the 'Interactions' section of the Abaqus manual. In particular, there is a section called 'Contact diagnostics in an Abaqus/Standard Analysis'.


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      Thank you for reply. I will attempt the suggestions you have provided and revert back.