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Help Modelling Permeability as Function of True Triaxial Stress

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  • Help Modelling Permeability as Function of True Triaxial Stress

    Hi Guys, new guy here...

    My thesis project for university requires me to model true triaxial stress and its effect on permeability for a cubic formation. I have a model equation for shale permeability which is a function of principle stresses and fracture compressibility's (also functions of principle stresses and various constants). Initial conditions on the cubic shale sample are 10 Mpa hydrostatic. stress will be incrementally increased by 10 MPa from sigma 1 = 10 Mpa --> 60 Mpa (whilst keeping sigma 2 and sigma 3 constant at 10 MPa) and then moving onto increasing sigma 2 till 60 MPa, then sigma 3 till all stresses are at 60 MPa. Permeability will be measured at each incremental step. How can I do this? I have the constants for the model equation. I must input fluid flow as well.

    My problem is how to go about creating this model within 1 month ( as I have 1 month to complete it) as a complete new beginner. I have only basic understanding of application of loads for cubic elements. There are very limited resources online and my supervisor does not know much himself... horrible situation but I need to get this done. Can anyone provide me some first steps?

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    I guess that I'm too late
    I hope it went well.

    Jorgen Bergstrom, Ph.D. PolymerFEM Administrator