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Double Precision with Abaqus VUHARD

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  • Double Precision with Abaqus VUHARD

    Good evening everyone,
    first of all i have to confess that i use Abaqus for friction stir welding and not plastic simulation, but this forum seems to be one of the few forums, where subroutines are used frequently.

    My problem is that i have a VUHARD subroutine writen with implicit none, but some SDV-values get higher than 10E+38.

    Therefore i had writen a new version of the subroutine with double precision instead of real declaration.

    And i use the command promp to start it (like this: abq6121 job=jobname input=jobname user=Subroutine name double=both output_precision=full)

    It seems to run correctly and in the .sta files it says that double precision was used, but the SDV-values still has its cap at 10E+38 and other values in the sta file are written in ...10E+10 and not ...10D+10.

    While searching for a solution i found an article here, which explain that imlicit none and double wont work directly but i have to confess that i dont understand the corret way explained there.

    And more or less every subroutine example that i found was an example how it wont work.

    So yeah some help would be awesome or maybe a working subroutine example so that i find the wrong parts in my sub.

    Kind regards

    Master of Disaster

    ps. And sorry for my bad english