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Zero stress in damage model implemented with VUMAT

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  • Zero stress in damage model implemented with VUMAT

    Hi all,
    I implemented an isotropic damage model in Abaqus/Explicit using VUMAT subroutine for quasi-brittle materials. The analysis completed successfully but when I want to see the results I found that there is zero stress, but I get the correct force-displacement curve with softening behavior. It should be noted that in this case the code included '' if ( stepTime .eq. 0 ) then ''.
    When I delete ''if ( stepTime .eq. 0 ) then'' from the code, I get the non-zero stress in the output, but I find that the material behavior is elastic. I did not understant how ''if ( stepTime .eq. 0 ) then'' can influence the behavior and the results. Can anyone give an explanation of this ? and how can I get non-zero stress with softening behavior of the force-displacement ?

    Thank you all!!

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    or from the ResearchGate discussion forum.

    For an intro to subroutines get the file User Subroutines with ABAQUS.pdf

    Good luck



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      Can anyone give me a response to my question ?!