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Viscous Friction

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  • Viscous Friction

    I am studying about an elastomer which is under compression between two metal plates
    the rubber experiences both compresive and shear strssess
    i am interested in finding out the viscous friction force created between the metal and elastomer

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    Ok, sounds interested.

    Any question?

    Jorgen Bergstrom, Ph.D. PolymerFEM Administrator


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      I am using LSDYNA (with implicit scheme) and I would like to model viscous friction between two shell layers. Being the contacts in LSDYNA all based on Coulomb friction, I thought of adding an intermediate shell layer and assign viscous material properties to this. However, in the implicit scheme *mat_null is not available and *mat_elastic_fluid is such a black box (trying out very different VC - viscosity coefficients barely altered the results) that I do not want to use it. Does anyone have any suggestion for me either for a material or a different strategy? What I have is a Force-velocity relationship and the resulting mu [N sec/m].


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        Have you talked to LS-DYNA tech support? They are pretty good at getting back. If they do not know the answer, I think they will talk to their developers for you. Finally, if it is a matter of implementation, you can always request an enhancement.

        Having said that, if you have appropriate experimental data, then all you need to do is perform a curve fit to an exponential drop.