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LS-Dyna (actually LS-Dyna in ANSYS WB) question..

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  • LS-Dyna (actually LS-Dyna in ANSYS WB) question..

    Hi, I have a braking system in which a steel brake-band is quickly (0.034s) tightened on a spinning clutch drum upon the release of the operating trigger. This is how a brake works on a chainsaw. So in my analysis I am spinning the clutch drum with an angular velocity of 12000 RPM and then actuating the brake band to tighten down on the clutch drum. My concern is that in a static angular velocity analysis, the part with the angular velocity isn't actually spinning. So if this is the case with the LS-Dyna analysis, I obviously will not see the braking effect of tightening the brake band. So my question is, if I am applying an angular velocity in Initial Conditions on the brake drum, will this work to create an actual spinning clutch drum, and also see a braking when the brake band is tightened? Or should I be using some other method to see the braking effect? Thanks for reading.