FE Solvers and Templates in MCalibration

Introduction - Templates in MCalibration

The default setting in MCalibration is to use an internal stress-strain solver for all supported material models and load cases. You can find out which material  models are supported by the MCalibration internal solver by looking for the “M” in  the material model dialog box. You can also change solver settings using templates in MCalibration.

In most cases you can also change the stress-strain solver to one of the supported FE solvers. This selection is done for each load case, and the solver setting is specified in the Miscellaneous tab of the Load Case Setup dialog box.

If you select one of the supported FE solvers you many need to also inform MCalibration about the path to the FE solver executable. That path is specified in the Preferences dialog box.

For most of the FE solvers you then get additional buttons that you can use to edit the FE model input file. You can use these buttons to manually tweak the input file if needed. The input file is called the solver template in MCalibration. This functionality enables direct calibrations of any material model in Abaqus, Ansys, LS-DYNA, Altair Radioss, or MSC Marc.

Here is a video that shows how to work with solver templates.


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