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Conversion Between Elastic Constants

The following table shows how to convert between elastic constants (Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio, Lame's constants) in different formats:

Running ANSYS from command line

I often run ANSYS from the command line. One way to do this is to use the command:

ansys140 -i simulation_file.dat -j res_file -o res_file.log -b -np 4

  • -i specifies the input file
  • -j specifies the base name of the job files
  • -o specifies the name of the log file
  • -b specifies that the simulation should run in batch mode
  • -np specifies the number of CPUs to use for the calculation

Filler particle concentration - definitions

  • mf = mass of filler particles
  • mr = mass of rubber (resin)

PHR = parts per hundred of filler particles by mass

That is, if PHR=10, then 10 kg of filler particles is added to 100 kg of raw rubber resin.

PHR = 100 * mf / mr

MASS FRACTION OF FILLERS = mf / (mf + mr) = PHR / (100 + PHR)

To get the volume fraction of fillers it is necessary to know the ratio of the density of the fillers to the density of the rubber resin:

VOL. FRAC. FILLERS = rhof/rhor * PHR / (100 + rhof/rhor * PHR)

Often, rho_fillers / rho_rubber = 0.5, giving
VOL. FRAC. FILLERS approx = 0.5 * PHR / (100 + 0.5 * PHR)

Neo-Hookean parameters in ABAQUS

ABAQUS requires that the neo-Hookean material parameters be expressed in terms of C10 and D1. These parameters can be obtained from the shear modulus (mu) and the bulk modulus (kappa) by the following expressions:

C10 = mu / 2

D1 = 2 / kappa

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