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Viscoelastic failure in abaqus

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Hi guys, Im new to this forum.

For my masters thesis, Im using Abaqus to model the failure of polyurea (modeled as a viscoelastic material).

My question is how can I define a failure stress or strain for viscoelastic materials in Abaqus???

Do I have to write a umat subroutine, and if so, how do I go about this, as I have minimal experience with abaqus subroutines.

Thanks for your response.


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You can, of course, use the [URL= ]PolyUMod [/URL]library for that. The PolyUMod library supports more than 20 different damage and failure models.

If you want to stick with the native Abaqus options then you can use the Progressive Damage and Failure options that are available for the metal plasticity models. Read the manuals for details.


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Thanks for your reply Dr. Bergstrom. I will explore the PolyUMod library and let you know how it goes.