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Trying to implement viscoelasticity on ANSYS with element 186 as multilayer

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Hi everyone.

Im new to this forum and would want to ask one simple question: does someone know how to implement viscoelasticity on ANSYS using 3D solid element 186 as multilayer??

Im trying to model laminated glass (composite material with two layers of glass and an intermediate layer of PVB) and calculus times are unacceptable for this precise element used as a solid. Ive read in ANSYS 12.1s help that this element can be used as multilayer, therefore I want to use one element throughout the thickness of the composite material by activating key option 3.

At this moment Im capable of implementing different layers using different material properties for each material but transient dynamic analysis neglects viscoelastic properties.

However, if I define one element that picks only PVB throughout the thickness and do the same for glass, viscoelastic properties are not neglected and the transient analysis returns results that agree with those from this precise element used as a solid. The problem that arises is that calculus times are very similar so I dont extract any benefit from it.

I have also tried to increase the number of integration points and extracting the information from all the layers by activating key option 8.

Please if anyone can help me with this problem it would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance for any help I receive.


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My first question is: do you have appropriate material models for the glass and the PVB? If so, what material models do you want to use?


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