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Storage/loss energy - Linear viscoelastic material

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I'm still working, with Ansys APDL here in the context:
Nonlinear geometry, linear viscoelastic material behavior via prony parameters from master curves, 3D model using SOLID 185, creep test.

Everything works quite well, but I can't find the right 'switch' for a problem and I'm left a bit like a "ox before the mountain".

We are looking for, among other things, the total energy of the model at a certain point in time, divided into storage energy and loss energy, ditto for certain regions of the structure or individual elements.

It seems clear that one has to evaluate the solution in the complex number range, however the simulations do not have any frequency-dependent boundary conditions, the structure is only exposed to a force or displacement that is applied in a ramp shape for the first 10 seconds.

I would be grateful for any tips, including those relating to possible 'switches' in the Ansys Workbench.

With constructive greetings
Lutz Müller