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How to get Prony series in MCalibration or in Abaqus

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Hello everyone,

I am a new member here and glad to see all of you 🙂

Now im doing the simulation of PU foam and i want to study the viscoelasticity of PU foam.

I have only the data of uniaxial compression test like the following figure, and my question is:

1. Can i get Prony series with the uniaxial compression test data in MCalibration or in Abaqus?

--I know in Abaqus if man want to get Prony series, the data of creep test, relaxation test or frequency test are needed. But i have only uniaxial compression test now, does it also work in Abaqus?

--i have already tried in MCalibration with some linear-viscoelasticity modules like Arruda-Boyce, Odgen and Polynomial (number of Prony series Terms:1) to find the Prony series, but the results of simulation

are not so good, the fitness is always 1e+09 and there is no change in parameter g1, k1 and tau1.

2. What should I do now if I want to get Prony series? Must I do the test of relaxation or creep?

Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated~

Thanks a lot

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MCalibration usually works great for that. I often use test data at different strain rates, and/or stress relaxation data.

Once you have the data you just need to perform the calibration. The only trick is to use a reasonable guess of the material parameters.


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