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How can I add viscoelastic properties in ANSYS Mechanical?

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I am currently writing my Masterthesis and I need help in modelling a viscoelastic material in ANSYS Mechanical. I don't know how exactly I should add my material properties in the Engineering Data field.

I experimentally measured the shear modulus G(t), and calculated the Bulk Modulus K(t) with the following formula: K(t) = 1/(3*(1-2nu)) * E(t), with E(t) = stress(t)/strain. - Attached, you can find an example with my data for G(t)-.

When I run my model with only this two Viscoelastic Test Data series, I get this error:

Elasticity is required, but is currently undefined.

I tried to add the required Isotropic Elasticity Property Data (Youngs Modulus and Poisson's Ratio) but when I run my model again, I get the same results as if I had only a Linear Elastic Material, it returns the same value. Ansys is not considering my viscoelastic property data I gave him.

Thank you and I hope You can help me!

Best regards,

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Hello Ioana,


I don't quite follow what you tried. I agree, though, that you should have seen viscoelastic relaxation in your prediction if the parameters were proper.

I recommend that you get a free trial license for our MCalibration software. That software will give you more control over how you calibrate your viscoelastic material model. 

Best of luck,

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Hello Jorgen,

Thank you for your answer! 
I am trying to simulate the deformation of a cylindrical sample, with viscoelastic properties, under a predefined force. 

I want to define my material properties in Ansys Mechanical. I added 2 Data Series, Shear and Bulk Data vor my viscoelastic material and additionally the required Elasticity data (Young's Modulus and Poissons Ration).
As a result, I get the same Total Deformation for both cases, Elastic and Viscoelatic Properties. 
I don't know where I should pay attention to. 

I will have a look at the MCalibration tutorial as well. 

Best regards,
Ioana Dan