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energy balance in abaqus

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Dear Jorgen

In dynamic analysis they are energy equation EI=EK+ES+ED+EH.

Where EI=input energy , EK=Kinetic energy, ES=Strain energy, ED=viscous energy and EH=hysteretic energy (plastic dissipation).

I would like to know how to calculate input energy in abaqus . for example input energy due to earthquake (ground motion). Is it similar with ALLIE (internal energy)?.

Best Regards


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Hi Daniel,

It is very clearly discussed in the manuals, for different situations. But in general,

Internal energy

The internal energy is the sum of the recoverable elastic strain energy,Ee , the energy dissipated through inelastic processes such as plasticity,Ep , the energy dissipated through viscoelasticity or creep,Ecd , the artificial strain energy, Ea, the energy dissipated through damage,Edmd , the energy dissipated through distortion control, Edc, and the fluid cavity energy,Efc :



For more discussion, please see 9.6.1 Statement of energy balance: Getting Started with Abaqus: Interactive Edition.

Hope this was somehow helpful,


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Hi! Amir
Thank you for your response and I have Read ABAQUS section 9.6 about energy balance, but I still need your opinion.
I read some paper showed grafix input energy due to external load. I think this energy automatically is calculated by sofware ABAQUS. In my opinion this input energy may be equivalent to external works (Ew), because this input energy are not stated in ABAQUS. What do you suggestion?