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Material model for thermoset for impact simulation (ANSYS)  

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Hi Jorgen,

I am new to plastics. I have to simulate an impact test on thermoset plastic specimen using ANSYS. I am unable to figure out what kind of material model to be used. As we use rate-independent plasticity models in metal plasticity mostly Mises-plasticity are there any model to simulate rate-independent plasticity in thermosets. Or should I look for rate-dependent plasticity and things like that then what are choices in ANSYS. I went through the help but could not figure out any specific models for polyemers. Any tips will be highly appreciated.

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If your simulation does not need to be very accurate then you can use a simple rate-independent plasticity model. If you want more accuracy then you can use a rate-dependent plasticity model, or if you want really accurate results then you can use an advanced material model such as the [URL=]three-network model[/URL].

What type of experimental data do you have available?

- Jorgen

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