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Using temperature-displacement element type with layered material

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Hello Jorgen and everyone,

I am trying to model temperature dependent deformation for anisotropic material with voids and hydrostatic pressure inside the material. For the material behavior I used the UMAT and anisotropic constitutive equation, and for the 3D temperature solver I am using the HETVAL and USDFLD. The problem is when I try to define the anisotropic behavior, the composite layup is used to define the direction and rotation. So when I pick the temperature-displacement element type for the mesh I get the error that Element 1 instance laminate-1: layered material properties can not be specified for this element type. Id be so appreciated if you could help in resolving this error or what other element I may use for this case.


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I suspect that you cannot use Abaqus-style composite layoup assignment with a UMAT. I have not tried it, but I suspect that is the problem.