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PTFE Seals on ABAQU...
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Hi all,

Im simulating stress relaxation of a PTFE lip seal using Abaqus. I have developed the model. But im having trouble with the material properties. I used the experimental data for PTFE provided by Dr. Jorgen. But every time i use the data with hyperelstic model (Mooney-Rvillin) the data file tells me that hyperelastic material is unstable.

I have a couple of questions.....\

1) Is that a specific data set that i should be using and which one should it be??

2) What are the material constants C10 and C01 for PTFE to be used with M-R model ?

Thanks in advance.

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You should be able to use any data set(s) for the material model calibration. [URL= ]MCalibration [/URL]is more powerful than your current calibration program.
I dont have the MR parameters 🙁


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Is there any specific reason that ABAQUS is unable to calibrate the data set?

I have e-mailed you my details, requesting access to MCalibration Tool. It would be a major help, if i could get access to it.

Thank You.