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Material model for thermoplastic elastomers

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Hi all,

Im designing a protection cap for a connector using DuPont Hytrel thermoplastic elastomer. The interference fit between the cap and the connector plastic (Zenite) housing provides the retention force.

Which hyperelasticity model to be used for the cap material?
Is there any concern on the stress relaxation due to the interference fit on the cap?

Please see the attached picture of the concept (cross-section view) and the material data.
It seems that I only have the tensile stress-strain data and Im not sure if thats sufficient for any hyperelasticity model in ANSYS

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

Yong Keat

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I dont usually recommend hyperelasticity for stiff thermoplastic materials. You are usually better served either using a linear elasticity (if the strains are tiny), or metal plasticity (if the loads are monotonic and creep/stress relaxation is not an issue), or a more accurate material model (i.e. the [URL= ]PolyUMod [/URL]library).

Based on the data that you provided you can calibrate a hyperelastic, plastic, or advanced material model.


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