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Material model for HPDE

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Dear Jorgen,

I am trying to perform simulations for the buckling colapse of HDPE liners used in oil transportation (during colapse the material undergoes plastic deformation).

When tested in uniaxial tension, this material exhibits necking. Therefore, do you think the Hybrid Model (Bergstrm - 2001) will be appropriate for this material?

Otherwise, which model would you suggest for this application?

Thank you very much in advance.

Regards, Juan.

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Hi Juan,

Good question. I have done a lot of work on HDPE lately, and although the Hybrid Model is works fine for this material, the Three Network Model (TNM) or the Parallel Network Model (PNM) work even better. See the Veryst [URL= ]web-site[/URL] for a bit more information.

I can also provide additional info if you like.


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The link above seems outdated

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Thanks for pointing that out. Here is an active link to the Three Network (TN) model.

We are still working on adding pages for the PolyUMod Material Database. You can find an introduction here.