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Fluoropolymer Modeling

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This paper presents a new model specifically developed for predicting the mechanical response of fluoropolymers. The model predictions are compared to experimental data in uniaxial tension, uniaxial compression, volumetric compression, and small punch loading.

The title of the paper is: A Constitutive Model for Predicting the Large Strain Thermomechanical Behavior of Fluoropolymers.

The final version of this paper is published in Mechanics of Materials.

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Very nice point to highlight. A fluoropolymer such as PTFE can be used in a wide variety of industries. For example:

Automotive - PTFE is used as a component in vehicles where over-braided hose constructions are used for air brake systems. PTFE has a high-temperature tolerance, so it is implemented into the outlet side of air compressors. In addition, the fluoropolymer helps to minimize the carbon particle deposition.

PTFE is used in relation to chemical transfer hoses, flexible connectors, product interchange lines, and flexible hoses for process lines, steam lines, and refrigeration systems. In this industry the fluoropolymer, PTFE, is recognized as an advantage over stainless steel, corrugated hoses.

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