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TNM Inelastic (Viscoplastic) Strain

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I am performing explicit/implicit FEA of large plastic deformation of thermoplastics using polyumod/abaqus and TN, TNV and PRF models calibrated using MCalibration.

The problem is there is no inelastic strain (viscoplastic strain), where inelastic strain is expected to be present. There is no such problem when performing similar simulations by using elastoplastic and JC models calibrated in MATLAB.

For example, implicit FEA of uniaxial tensile test in Abaqus standard using TNM results in some viscoelastic strains as evident by SDV5-13, but SDV14-22 provide no value! 

Also, considering PolyUMod manual, Chapter 14 - Page 62, I had a hard time to understand why sdv14-22 in table 14.2 represent "Plastic deformation gradient" in network B, while no plastic deformation is represented by any state variable in table 14.3! As said before, in FEA of uniaxial tensile test using TNM, SDV14-22 provide no value.

I will appreciate any hint/advice/explanation.