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obtaining gr normalized relaxation modulus from relaxation data  

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I am new in the forum, so I would like to congratulate for the fantastic website.

I see in some post that obtaining the gr normalized relaxation modulus from relaxation data is quite trivial, but I do not find any paper nor method to obtain it. Could it be explained?

The thing is that When I simulate a static analysis + visco analysis, it works. For that, I normalized the response of mi relaxation test data, and I introduced those 'parameters' in time in Abaqus.

However, I do not think that this is the good approach as I left the creep behavior of my viscoelastic material, so I would have to do a Visco or dynamic analysis along all time (doing that I do not achieve the response that I want because of the creep behavior). That is why I think I am not obtaining the gr(normalized relaxation modulus) well.


What I did was to divided the load of the relaxation data into the maximum load of the test data to normalize it. Probably it is more than a wrong approach.

Thanks in advance.

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